Security Systems Great Southern Region, WA

Alarm and camera system installations, and network cabling for secure monitoring.


The security of your home, family and staff is paramount. Jaguar Cabling designs and installs network cabling for efficient and reliable alarm systems in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our state-of-the-art security systems provide peace of mind for each of our clients. Contact us today for more information on our systems, accessories and installations.

Security system installations require extensive knowledge around cabling and how voltage impacts the infrastructure. Our team will visit and assess your property and discuss your requirements and what you would like to achieve.

Every property is unique and requires tailored security alarm installations that cover every indoor and outdoor space without compromise. To achieve full functionality of a unique system, our team professionally installs network cabling throughout your property.

Network cabling

We stock an extensive range of fibre optic cables that integrate well into any large or small scale system. Each range is designed for high or low-voltage and created for industrial, residential and commercial properties.

We make use of 4 core, 6 core, 8 core or 12 core cables, in 100-metre rolls. Each core has a PVC skin that protects wires from damage, and ensures the safe usage for everyone.

Alarm system installation

Security alarm installations are sometimes carried out during the construction phase, when the properties are pre-wired and ready for the electricians to hook up the alarm. However, this is not always the case and many homes can easily be retro-fitted with alarm systems, which are professionally planned and implemented by our team.

The Jaguar Cabling team installs the cabling, and hardwires the property for easy main panel installation and operation. We set up the system and then show you how to arm, disarm and operate the various features, which could include beams and cameras, as per your requirements.

CCTV installation

There is a big selection of CCTV products on the market, many of which call for different installation processes. Our team of CCTV installers are skilled and experienced in installing and operating the traditional and high-spec CCTV brands.

Our team understand the complexities involved in wiring and activating analog and network systems. We know cabling and will install your video and power wiring, and get the right amount and type of cables running efficiently to power the various batteries, cameras and transmission boxes.

The backbone of security alarm installation is the electrical wiring. Without the correct mechanical and data systems, the lifespan of your system can be compromised and, more importantly, the safety of your family and employees.

Jaguar Cabling alarm installers have extensive experience and have done many security camera installations across the Great Southern Region.


Get in touch today for more assistance from our highly skilled team of cable and alarm installers. We look forward to helping you.